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Media Executive Search FirmsAs a retained media executive search firm, Filcro Media Staffing recruits across all media platforms for local, regional, national and international media markets.

Filcro Media Staffing is one of the world's leading media executive search firms that recruits CXO’s to functional level managers.  The firm also partners with clients to staff entire front and back office functions for a diverse roster of emerging and leading media and entertainment companies, multicast digital broadcasters, media technology firms, media content producers, telecommunications companies, OEM’s and Fortune corporations with internal media interests.  As the firm’s case histories exhibit, Filcro Media Staffing meets the recruitment needs of small and large media companies with exceptional results.

Business, technical and creative executive searches of best in class media executives are conducted to meet each client's stated media and business goals. Filcro Media Staffing’s capacity and efficacy in facilitating strategic and tactical goals through recruitment is documented in transparent search case histories in the US, LATAM, EU, MENA and Asia.

The firm's executive offices and CEO Tony Filson are based in New York City where there is the largest concentration of media and entertainment human capital in the United States.  The firm is well versed in relocating executives to and from every media market in the world.

Filcro Media Staffing offers media clients many recruitment benefits and advantages.  The firm is honored to be considered the leading media executive search firm for media focused, expeditious, client centric media and broadcasting executive searches.  

We welcome queries with regard to the firm's executive search capabilities and references.



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