Music Monetization Executive Search Firms that specialize in music executive search Filcro MusicFilcro Media Staffing conducts music related executive searches for an extensive roster of cross-platform multicast and multiplex music broadcasters and publishers.

Representing the recruitment interests of the media, entertainment and recording industries Filcro Media Staffing recruits across the following media platforms to monetize, broadcast and distribute diverse music products and music content.

Filcro Music Executive Search Firms that specialize in music integration with tv networks

Filcro Music Cable TV and music integration Executive Search Firms that specialize in music and cable tv integration

Radio and music executive search FIlcro Music Executive Search

Music and Mobile platform executive search Filcro Music Executive Search

Online Music sales executive search firms Filcro Music Executive Search

Filcro Music and Motion Picture integration executive search firms

Filcro Music OEM and Music with gaming and consumer electronic media executive search firms

Filcro Music Satellite TV Networks that monetize music executive search

Broadcast TV - Cable TV & MSO - Radio - Digital Radio - Wi-Fi Radio
Mobile - PWAN - Online - Motion Picture - OEM - Satellite - Digital Music

The executive searches conducted by the firm facilitate music as a driver for B2B, B2C and C2C monetization channels across all media platforms. ie Music Executive Search

Executives are recruited from CXO to Manager of business, technical and creative functions required to build, operate and monetize national and international music brands, music assets and integrated music media products. 

Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment portfolio is filled with music monetization executive search success in unique environments built on cutting edge technology for global dissemination and assimilation surrounding music assets and brands.

Media Executive Search for the Recording Industry and Music IndustryThe following links exhibit Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment experience directly related to music and music asset monetization, management and technology: CEO  CRO  CSO  CMO CTO  SVP Technology  VP Finance  VP Music Strategy VP Traffic  VP Sales  Director Integrated Sales  Dir Sales  Director Ideation  Director Sales Planning

For the recruitment of IT programmers, CMS, java development and engineering personnel related to music interests, please utilize this link.

To view the modality utilized to promote and communicate during the executive search process specific to monetization and media sales, please utilize this link.

Filcro Media Staffing welcomes queries regarding retaining the firm within context of proposed executive search assignments related to music dissemination and monetization.

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