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Filcro Media Staffing provides specialized recruitment services to the broadcasting industry and to firms with related broadcasting interests.  The firm is one of the few retained broadcasting executive search firms devoted exclusively to the industry.  Filcro Media Staffing recruits and identifies executives within the primary broadcasting disciplines required to tactically and strategically facilitate business, technical and creative goals within every regional and national media market in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.
The Firm's Clients 
Broadcast TV Networks Affiliates / Ind. Stations Advertising Agencies / OTA / OTT / OEM Syndicators Governments
Cable TV Networks Corporate TV Networks Network Producers & Distributors Record Labels NGO's
Regional TV Networks On Demand Multiplex Nets Corporate Video & Communications Music Publishers Utilities
Radio Networks Pay Per View Networks Media & Entertainment Conglomerates ISP/CLEC/ILEC Media VC Funds
Satellite Networks Interactive Digital Networks Telecommunication Conglomerates RBOC's Media Technology IT
Broadband Networks Public Broadcasting Multi System Operators MSO's Print Publishers Media Research Co's
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    Filcro Media Staffing
    295 Madison Avenue 
    New York,  NY  10017
    41st St, 8th Floor
    TV Jobs for TV Staff on Digital and TV Braodcasting Platforms
    Tel (212) 599-0909
    Fax (212) 599-1023
    Candidates Resume Policy
    Employers: ExecutiveSearch.TV
    Retained Media Staffing Firms for Media Executive Search
    Subway Lines to Grand Central  Bus Lines
    East Side 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 & S
    West Side 1 -2 - 3 & S 
    5th, 6th, Madison Avenue and 
    42nd Street Lines - M4,M3,M2
    Media Recruitment Practice Groups Media Recruitment Practice Groups
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Advertising Sales / DR / Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Sales & Marketing
  • Broadcast Operations & Engineering
  • Closed Captioning
  • Corporate Communications
  • Editorial 
  • Facilities & Real Estate
  • Human Resources
  • Inventory & Traffic
  • IT / Systems / Technology 
  • Legal & Business Affairs
  • Marketing / Music / News
  • Ideation & Creative Services
  • Media Directors / Buyers / Planners 
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  • On-Air Promotions & Off-Line
  • Production 
  • Post Production
  • Programming &Development
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  • Sales Planning & Research
  • New York Job News Los Angeles Job News
    Chief Engineer - Chief Broadcast Engineer - News Network
    Broadcasting Traffic Systems, Traffic Software & Traffic Workflow
    VP Digital Ad Sales - Vice President Online Advertising Sales
    National Digital Ad Sales Leadership at the TV Network
    TV Network - TV Network Sr. Account Executive
    West Coast TV Network Account Executive - San Francisco & LA 
    Entire U.S. Job News Chicago Job News
    Director Sales - Traffic Scheduling & Traffic Workflow Solutions
    Broadcasting Traffic Systems, Traffic Software & Traffic Workflow
    Digital Ad Sales AE - Online Ad Sales AE TV Network
    Entertainment Conglomerate Seeks Nat'l Ad Sales Digital AE

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    Broadcasting executive search firms listed in New York City are found in the new Filcro Media Staffing and directory.  The broadcasting executive search firm directory can no longer be purchased and ExecutiveSearch.TV has replaced that particular media recruitment guide online.

    Filcro Media provides firms with multiple recruitment environments to identify the proper media executive in every part of the United States.  To identify the location of each executive search, clients should use our U.S. State guide for each executive search assignment or go to our tv jobs or broadcasting jobs page at for TV jobs above $100,000 per year.

    As a media executive search firm located in New York City, firms that utilize Filcro Media Staffing as presented on TVSTAFF.COM have the advantage of utilizing an executive search firm located in the media and communications capital of the United States with access to the richest grouping of media executives in the world.

    Unfortunately without a cable tv, broadcast tv network or Filcro Media executive search client code we can no longer distribute the "Filcro Media broadcasting executive search directory". for free.  "The Broadcast Executive" and "A Guide to Broadcasting Executive Search" are no longer available to the general public in print.  When additional booklets are printed they will be mailed along with our year-end calendar of events to all Filcro Media and TVSTAFF broadcasting industry "event page" clients.

    The new electronic guide, "Executive search firms and head hunters that specialize in the broadcasting industry" is slated for December 2015.  Please use your 2014 cable television broadcasting executive search firms guide until the new recruitment guide is delivered. "Heading a search for the perfect TV head hunter"

    Filcro Media Staffing is on the spine of the Broadcasting & Cable directory and listed as the top U.S. full service media executive search firm.


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